Welcome to our Online Store 

   Our store currently consists of four sections (cut stones, rough, unusual stones & gemological sets). Depending on whether you are a gemologist, collector, retailer/wholesaler, designer, or just a gems and jewelry enthusiast, we have a product for you. If you may have any specials requests for different types of cuts or gems which can not be found in our sections, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to accommodate the inquiry. 




in Created Emeralds, Regular and Colombian colors, and Created Alexandrite. We cut all calibrated sizes and shapes. We have many cutters and hold a large inventory, so you receive top quality stones, as fast as possible. Our Hydrothermal Ruby is limited, order quick before supply is out.  



in Hydrothermal Emerald Regular color, Colombian color and Platinum color.

Multi-colored Beryl such as red, orange, maroon, teal, indigo and more.. Floating Ruby, Floating Alexandrite and Pulled Spinels, are alternate production methods.

Tairus hydrothermal crystals are a top seller too. 




Take a look to see rare created stones we have on display. Special cuts (such as checkerboard, 55 facets or cabochon cuts), highly included Created Emerald stones, large Colombian color stones, more created stones such as spinels, sapphires or platinum color, check out this one of a kind section. 



Get your hands on Exclusive gem sets presented by Tairus. Hydrothermal Emerald set, Multicolored Beryl set, Floating production method set and more.. Purchasing a gem set is an ideal way of understanding the color and methods we use. Perfect for a gemologist or collector, who needs a bit of everything.