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         Economy: Here, at Tairus, we understand the difficulties of the economy and the hardships of being a successful business, especially in the jewelry industry. Therefore, we like to see other businesses grow with us, so the development and success are mutual.

         We work in a stable and controlled market. Our pricing is rational, formulated from our production cost and supply; an affordable product for any consumer or partner. 

         Social/Ethical Responsibility: We pride ourselves in being socially and ethically responsible. Treating our employees fairly, complying with all the governmental laws and regulations, and guiding our partners in the right direction.

        Our factories are all authorized and have all the necessary permits to be legitimate. We are the only verifiable eco-friendly grower of created emeralds, utilizing state-of-the-art filtration, waste management systems, and, most recently, solar power. Our carbon footprint is minimal to none. 

         Product: Our created gems are conceptually, chemically and visually the same as their natural counterparts. The hydrothermal process clones the actual stages a natural emerald goes through, resulting in a scientific anomaly. Most importantly, you know exactly where our gems are coming from and what they’re made of.

         Service: We offer 24-hours-a-day, 7-days a week service, and worldwide shipping, continuously working from two different polar time zones. We have over 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry and over 30 years of experience in created gems.

         We’ve worked hard and diligently for years to come to this point. We are a second generation, privately-run company, with the responsibility to disclose full and correct information. We have a game-changing product, help us change the status-quo, and make the Created Gems the new staple in the industry.

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