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Sustainable systems

The primary source for lab-created emeralds and alexandrite 

Cut stones

In created emerald, regular color and colombian color (hydrothermal process), and created alexandrite (pulled process). Most recently, we have switched the created ruby, from the hydrothermal process to the pulled process, for quality purposes. We have numerous cutters and hold a large inventory, so you may receive top quality stones immediately

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Rough material

Produced with the hydrothermal process, emerald regular color, colombian color, platinum color and ruby. Multi-colored beryl such as red, orange, maroon, teal, indigo and more. Produced with pulled process, alexandrite and spinel. Tairus hydrothermal crystals are a new and popular product as well. 

Unique stones

Take a look to see unique created stones we have on display. Multi colored beryl stones in violet or red. Special cuts (such as checkerboard, rose cut or cabochon), highly included created emerald stones, large colombian color stones. Rare created stones such as spinel, sapphire, platinum color, bi-color, check out this one of a kind section.



via Thai post or FedEx




The implications and dangers of mining

          Mining, either on a small or large scale, has various negative side effects and risks. As mining companies today are becoming more aware and accountable for their actions, there are still major concerns that need to be reviewed and consistently improved. There are several controversial concerns of mining such as damage to the environment, land and the miners. However, Tairus Created Gems, has their own solutions to these concerns which are sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly:

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The mining industry generates several gigatons of carbon dioxide and green house gases into the atmosphere annually. Nearly one ton of carbon dioxide is emitted for every ounce of gold mined and this number continues to rise.

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Physical damage to the land results in erosion, deforestation, and loss of biodiversity.

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Chemicals such as sulfuric acid and mercury contaminate the soil and water that is emitted from the mining process.

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The physical working conditions for the miners are dangerous. The mines can collapse or cave in. The miners are forced to do dangerous and labor intensive work.


Miners are consistently exposed to hazardous chemicals during the mining process which commonly causes respiratory and skin diseases.

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