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How did Tairus Created Gems get here?

          Tairus originally began as a Joint Venture between Pinky Trading Co., Ltd of Thailand and the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1989. The first facility was funded by the Russian Academy of Sciences, using highly advanced technology to grow various kinds of lab-created precious stones. The factory then was in Novosibirsk, Russia. The production process used and still today is the hydrothermal process.

​          Tairus developed multiple gems using the hydrothermal process, such as, morganite, aquamarine, paraiba color beryl, red beryl; multi-colored corundum ( blue, yellow, white, green, orange sapphires) and ruby. However, the market had strong demand for created emeralds. As supplying every kind of gemstone is not feasible, mass production quickly focused solely on Created Emeralds.


The first factory, Novosibirsk Russia, 30 years ago

          Former CEO of Pinky Trading Co., Ltd of Thailand, and one of the founding members of the company, Walter Barshai, coined the name Tairus (Thailand and Russia). Mr. Barshai is most notably recognized for his works in the Created Emerald industry, propelling the market where it is today. One of his most infamous creations, is the innovation and branding of the Colombian color Created Emerald in 2006.


Founder Walter Barshai outside the first factory Novosibirsk, Russia, 2004

          In 2012 the Joint venture between the Russian Academy of Sciences and Pinky Trading dissolves. Mr. Barshai is surreptitiously forced out of the original agreements, and given no option but to rebuild his own factories to continue his workings. With vast amounts of knowledge, resources, and experience, Mr. Barshai reinvents the company and implements a new direction. 

          The original factory had malpractice issues which could be deemed as unsustainable and unethical. His plan was to improve all systems, creating a newer, more sustainable and efficient factory. After great review and investment, a new state-of-the-art facility in Thailand was completed. 

          In 2014 Tairus Created Gems successfully finished building one of the first and truly sustainable factories in the jewelry industry. A factory which embodies positivity and a strong message about the concerns for the environment. The trademark Tairus®, is owned by Tairus Created Gems. The team and head office today are located in Bangkok, Thailand. A recent article in 2020 shows the extent of the misconduct from past predecessors: Article

Factory 1.jpg

The new factory constructed in Thailand, 2014

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