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Created Emeralds


Regular color created emerald


Colombian color created emerald

Tairus Created Gems grows rough material in their factories, cuts faceted stones, and keeps calibrated stock in standard shapes/sizes. The main product is created emerald, in regular color or colombian color.

Regular color 

Tairus® Regular color emerald is the first, and most common kind of created emerald produced since production has started in 1989. Tairus Created Gems Regular color, is a deep-green color, that is parallel to the Emeralds which can be found in Zambia. The largest emerald mine in the world can be found in Zambia, responsible for approximately 25% of global emerald production. The Regular color successfully reproduces the aesthetics and chemical composition a Zambian emerald embodies:


Zambian landscape


A natural Zambian emerald, cut stone, octagon shape

Kagem mine, the world’s largest Emerald mine


Tairus created emerald regular color

Rough material

Dark green, vivid, and lush

Emerald Pear 1.jpg

Regular color created emerald, cut stone, pear shape 

Colombian color 

The Colombian emerald has a rich and long history. The Spanish conquistadors were believed to be the first colony to mine this treasured gemstone in the early 1500’s. Like Zambia, Colombia is also a major contributor in the global emerald market. Colombian emeralds are usually more expensive than Zambian emeralds. Known for their light green and tinged blue color, the Colombian Emerald is the most sought after and prestigious emerald in the world.

Walter Barshai, founder of Tairus Created Gems, came up with the concept, to mass produce the Colombian color in 2006. After a decade of trial and error, Tairus Created Gems successfully reproduces the quality and irresistible green hue, found in a high quality (natural) colombian emerald. The Colombian color is Tairus Created Gems finest product, making luxury gemstones affordable on a mass scale.

chicamocha canyon shutterstock.jpg

Chicamocha canyon, Colombia 

Rough colombian emerald, Muzo mines shut

Natural colombian emerald rough, Muzo, Colombia 


A natural colombian emerald, oval shape


Tairus created emerald colombian color,

Rough material

Light green, glossy, vivid, and elegant


Colombian color created emerald, octagon shape

Tairus DNA pic.jpg

Created Emeralds vs Natural Emerald

Properties Table

Chemical properties
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