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Introduction to Tairus Created Gems

         Created Gems of all sorts have existed since the mid 1800’s using various processes of production. Only in recent decades, the market has begun to fully understand and appreciate the true value of these gems. The public is starting to see how created gems can not only change the jewelry industry, but perhaps, the world in positive and better ways.

          Tairus Created Gems has taken luxury gemstones to a brand-new direction and level. A unique company with a modern mission and concept that is unrivaled in the jewelry trade, one of the first:

to manufacture and supply sustainable, ethical, and high-quality gems which are affordable to all jewelry companies, thereby, emphasizing the importance of our future environment, surroundings and social responsibilities.


         Widely known as lab-created, lab-grown, or man-made; Tairus likes to use the term “created gems”. With over 45 years of combined experience in the trade, Tairus believes “created gems” is the most appropriate and concise term. Hence the name, Tairus Created Gems.

          However, the word “synthetic” has a negative connotation associated to the meaning. “Synthetic”, sounds fake and not real. Using the term "synthetic" undermines the authenticity of laboratory grown products, and “created gems” deserves positive association.

          Tairus’ “created gems” are not fake and is produced with the latest technology and advancements. Lab-created gems have the same identical structure which is found to their natural counterpart. Tairus is creating gems at the most sophisticated level known to man. 


Tairus Created Gems is essentially, cloning the gems.

Leader, Innovators, Gem Creators

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