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What is Created Emerald?


Hydrothermal Process

Pressure vessel diagram

Pressure Vessel Pic.jpg

Pressure vessel


Vessel seal

Vessel seal no BG.jpg

Hydrothermal process animation

Animation hydrothermal process gif.gif

Through water, heat and pressure (hydrothermal environment) the created emeralds are grown. Both the (1) upper and (8) lower thermocouples are needed to record temperatures during the growing stages. The pressure vessel (left) requires constant maintenance and investment. The seal (2) is tightly screwed to prevent any of the solutions or air to escape. The high quality seeds (4) are carefully inserted in a (5) metal frame. Through water, heat and pressure the (6) chemical solutions and (7) nutrient constantly expand and grow on to the seeds. An animation (right) demonstrates the theory occurring in the inner vessel (3). After a month of liquid expansion, intense heat and constant pressure, the emeralds are created.




Metal frame

Inner vessel 1 no BG.png

Autocalve no BG.png

Inner vessel

Hydrothermal Process
Theory 1

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