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Business philosophy

         These exclusive created emeralds are produced using 5 types of sustainable systems, the core business philosophy. This will be the first year of many, where Tairus Created Gems has changed the direction to a more sustainable ethos, striving to continuously improve on this philosophy for the foreseeable future

          Tairus understands the difficulties and the hardships of being a successful business, especially in the jewelry industry. Therefore, Tairus likes to see other businesses grow simultaneously, so the development and success are mutual.

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Social and ethical responsibility

          We prides ourselves on being socially and ethically responsible copmany. 

          The Tairus factory in Thailand is authorized and has the necessary permits to be legitimate, the only verifiable eco-friendly grower of created emeralds in the world. The future of our environment, the way the employees are treated, and offering affordable prices, are our main concerns. Tairus Created Gems looks to navigate through the economy with a positive and eco-conscious attitude, during these turbulent times. In doing so, achieving what Tairus believes is necessary for future generations to come


          Tairus Created Gems, specifically in created emerald and created alexandrite, are conceptually, chemically and visually the same as their natural counterparts.                                  The hydrothermal process clones the actual stages a natural emerald goes through, resulting in a scientific anomaly. Most importantly, the consumer knows exactly where the gems are coming from and what they’re made of.

          The created gems are rationally priced, calculated from production costs and supply; an affordable product for any partner. 

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          Tairus Created Gems offers 24-hours-a-day, 7-days a week service, including worldwide shipping; continuously working from two different polar time zones. Tairus has over 45 years of experience in the jewelry industry and over 35 years of experience in created gems.

          Tairus Created Gems has worked hard and diligently for years to come to this point. They are a second generation, privately-owned company, with the responsibility to disclose full and correct information. Tairus has a game-changing product with a positive message in the industry. Please feel free to contact

Innovative technology

          Tairus continuously strives for technological improvements and advancements with their materials and resources used. Constantly looking for ways to use less damaging materials, techniques and processes to the environment.

          The latest break through, Tairus has achieved in 2020, is the complete removal of natural beryl (which is also mined and causes damage to the land) in the hydrothermal process. Creating the emeralds purely from synthesis. Tairus Created Gems are confident this is the first of many break throughs to come.

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