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What is Created Emerald?

 Created Emeralds are created by the “hydrothermal process”. The foundation of the process is built upon created emerald seeds and natural low-grade beryl, also known as “nutrient.” We have also succeeded to grow emeralds without the use of natural beryl, solely by synthesis, and we are the only grower being able to do it.  Other color-inducing chemicals are added to the process, which can also be found in a natural emerald. Through scorching temperatures, water and the remaining properties, the process takes its course. The hydrothermal process is a simulation of the natural occurrence emeralds endure, only accelerated through science. 

          The seeds/nutrient are the core ingredients which determine the end-result. The additional chemicals are also added into the mix. The seed and nutrient are fused with the color-inducing chemicals, such as Vanadium and/or Chromium.


Created Emerald

 After the concoction is precise, the seeds, nutrient and liquid mixture is inserted into a pressure vessel. Multiple pressure vessels are sealed and chambered in protective safes. The process starts by gradually heating the pressure vessels. The increasing rise in temperature corresponds to the increasing rise in pressure, resulting in liquid expansion inside the pressure vessel. Once the temperature rises to about 650°C and the pressure is around 800 PSI, the process reaches an ultimate equilibrium and a growth process begins. In theory created emerald forms as the chemicals are deposited onto a seed. The whole process takes around four weeks to complete.

          From the properties which are within the created emerald to how the created emerald comes to be, our hydrothermal process is what makes us truly created.  

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