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Created Emerald Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between laboratory-created emeralds and natural emeralds?

Lab-created emeralds are grown by scientist in a laboratory. They share the same composition and gemological properties as a natural emerald. The biggest difference between a created emerald vs natural emerald is that natural is found by men and cerated are made by men.

Why should I choose a Tairus Created Gems Emerald?

The factory in Thailand uses various sustainable systems to grow created emeralds. The pricing is affordable to any consumer, significantly cheaper than natural emeralds. Customers may also choose between either Zambian (darker) or Colombian (lighter).

Where can I buy your exclusive emeralds?

You may purchase the Created Emeralds in regular color or colombian color via the online shop under cut stones. All calibrated shapes and sizes are offered. If there is a special request for a specific size, shape or cut, please send an inquiry at the contact page.

How can I become a Created Emerald wholesaler?

To become a wholesaler and receive wholesale prices, please go to the contact page. Wholesale orders are considered to be $2,000 or more.

Does Tairus Created Emerald come with certification?

None is needed as the consumer is buying directly from the source.