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Benefits of our Created Emerald

          These exclusive created emeralds are produced using 5 types of sustainable systems, the core business philosophy. Tairus Created Gems carbon footprint is minimal to none. The consumer is buying directly from the source with no intermediaries. The consumer knows where the product is coming from and how it is made. Using Tairus Created Gems created emeralds is a way to take a stance against the dangers of mining. Tairus plans to strive for long term sustainability, improvement and success. These are the current systems used which makes Tairus Created Gems a sustainable and eco-friendly company:

The 5 sustainable systems

1. Energy system

blog 4.PNG

2. Water system

Water Well 1.jpg

State-of-the-art solar panels used for all energy and production in the laboratory.

Custom-made water well for the facilities needs and purposes.

3. Air filtration system

4. Chemical waste system

Air filter website .jpg

Custom-made air filtration to capture carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases emitted. 

blog 5.PNG

Government waste management companies to safely dispose harmful chemicals.

5. Employee care

New saftey employees 1.jpg

Employees are required to wear protective gear and clothing. Each room is cleaned daily and air-conditioned.

The business philosophy

Eco concept shutterstock.jpg

Through these various systems utilized, Tairus Created Gems is able to create a sustainable environment. 

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