Am I really buying a Created Emerald?

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Over the past few years, with many new imitation stones having entered the market, the word Lab-created has been misconstrued in numerous ways. In favor of the seller, the buyer is getting a completely different product, thinking they purchased a truly Created Emerald for an amazing price. Through the terminology which is used and how the stones are graded, we can quickly filter the legitimacy of a Created Emerald. Let’s debunk these sellers:

The first example shows a common and misleading way a seller may offer a Created Emerald. The word “Lab-Created” is adjacent to the word “Nanocrystal”. These two terminologies are completely contradicting, as they are two completely different gemstone products. A nanocrystal (glass based) is defined as an Imitation stone and a Created Emerald (natural beryl based) is defined as a Lab-created stone. The seller will use the word Lab-created to intentionally mislead the buyer. For further information, please take a look at our FTC definition page.

Be wary of how these sellers grade Created Emeralds. AAA, AA, A, B grading format is how natural emeralds are graded. There is no need and would be misleading to grade any Created Emerald in this fashion. In the Created Emerald industry, it is universally known the format would be in either A, B or C grades. For more questions about how we grade our created gems please contact us.

Extra tips:

- Prices: there is a clear price-gap between Imitation and Lab-created stones (Lab-created always being more expensive)

- Hydrothermal method: A truly Lab-created Emerald can only be produced through Hydrothermal method. Pulled, Flux, Floating, Flame Fusion methods cannot produce Emeralds, however, they may produce Alexandrite, Sapphires, Spinels, Opals

- Contact the seller: Make sure the seller is reputable and legitimate, contact the seller directly to make sure you are buying a truly Created Emerald

Be cautious and happy shopping!

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