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The Rise of Lab-grown Diamonds and Emeralds

Powerhouse of the diamond industry, De Beers, has now entered the Lab-grown market with the introduction of their subsidiary brand, Lightbox. Purchases were previously only available through their online site or pop-up events; now, Lightbox is heading into retail space via Bloomingdales and Reeds Jewelers, full speed ahead.

Our recently installed solar panels, sustainability and responsibility is our mission, 2019

According to the article, De Beers to Sell Lab-Grown Diamonds in Stores, written by Cathaleen Chen of, one of the reasons for De Beers shift of focus into the Lab-grown market is because, “Many young shoppers, turn away from mined jewels as unethical and environmentally harmful.”

The Article finishes with De Beers big plans for next year to, “unveil a $94 million manufacturing facility in Oregon that will be able to produce 200,000 polished carats every year, which equates to about $200 million worth of merchandise sales.”

It is clear we are in the middle of an integral shift in the Gem and Jewelry Industry. As the world economy continues to harshen, affordable and reasonable prices in purchasing Lab-grown gems is an outlet for all. Further, the new generation is placing a higher value on the importance of ethical and environmental procedures. The end consumer is becoming more knowledgeable and concerned about how and where their gems are coming from.

Leading pioneers in the Lab-grown Emerald industry, Tairus Created Gems, has made immense efforts in the past few years to meet these ethical and environmental standards. Here, at Tairus, all our employees are held to all the reciprocating labor laws. Our factory employees follow all safety practices and regulations, working in secure environments.

Our environmental procedures are held to the utmost importance. We believe our environmental responsibility for future generations should be held as a priority; therefore, we have already invested in solar electricity as means of sustainable energy.

In addition, all chemical and harmful waste is disposed of properly through licenses Waste Management outlets; production facility and offices are air-filtrated and properly managed.

We hope to encourage all factories and companies in the trade to match our high standards, as we believe this is the right thing to do, for generations to come.

One of the ways we abide and dispose of our chemical waste, 2019

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