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The Jewelry Industry is Shrinking, But Emeralds are Still In... Luckily For Us

Published through, two articles in yesterday's Industry section, featured compelling stories which raise some concerns for the jewelry industry moving forward; however, vaguely suggesting, emeralds are still doing just fine, respectively.

The first article The Jewelry Industry Shrank Again in 2018 written by JCK news director Rob Bates, is about the further consolidation and discontinuance of jewelry companies in both the United States and Canada. The reasons seem to vary from new sale channels, new generation dilemmas, and of course, the current political situations {sigh}.

The second article, 5 Things I Learned at VicenzaOro January 2019 written by Melissa Rose Bernardo, recounts some of the things she picked up on her recent visit to the VincenzaOro show, Italy. The first thing she lists out of the five, is the thriving presence of natural emeralds in today's high end jewelry market, simply put, " 1. Emeralds are still in." Thanks, Melissa, we think so too; referring to the emerald Pichiotti necklace below.

So, the formula seems pretty simple then, the industry keeps shrinking + emeralds are still in = Lab grown Emeralds is the best substitute going forward... or that is what we would like to think, at least.

And yes, the pear shape below is a picture of our Colombian color Created Emerald, enjoy!

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