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We present 4x4 mm stones, to better emphasize the color variation in different technique of production. We grow hydrothermal emeralds using four different techniques and they produce 4 different results: (a) "Regular" (our original, original method of product) is produced in a stainless still autoclave, the resulting stones have bluish tint; this product is the most widely used in the market and production is still the largest; (b) Newer method uses platinum-lined crucibles and the result is different type of emerald with different color (much less blue) and some different properties; (c) In 2001 we acquired "Biron" production plant in Australia and re-started production; these emeralds are grown in gold-lined crucibles and the result yields yet a different product; (d) Our latest technique that took 9 years to develop, is Colombian color emeralds. As a bonus, we added to this set a bi-color beryl, half green, half red.

Hydrothermal Emerald Set

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